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Evaluation of Medical Records is the critical step in medical litigation and trial consulting servicesWhether in the forum of a peer-review proceeding, mandamus, or a medmal suit, the pivotal issues involve allegations of deviation from the relevant standard of care. Hence, determination and evaluation of the events in question is a necessary condition precedent to rational litigation. After I examine the available medical records, I discuss my impressions of the medicolegal issues and (evidentiary gaps) with the client, and then research relevant authority. The case analysis is then prepared and cross-indexed to the medical records and appropriate citations. In addition to hard-copy, the report can be formatted as an HTML or PDF document

Discovery and Case Management are dependent on the evaluation of available medical records. The medical records initially obtained are often incomplete, and ancillary sources of such records overlooked. My evaluation ensures complete discovery, so appropriate expert testimony may be prepared. Likewise, deposition of opposing experts will be thorough. Overall case management becomes more efficient and focused. The information from the analysis can be dispositive, but only if brought to light before discovery closes. Its effectiveness increases when used early along the litigation timeline. In the era of Fast-Track aspirations, the litigation time frame is becoming more compressed. Please consult me early!

Physicians’ Peer Review Proceedings are amorphous ‘quasi-judicial’ hearings which bear heavily on the affected practitioner. The outcome of subsequent judicial review is determined at these hearings. The healthcare organization, which has a financial stake in the outcome, provides the fact-finders and arbiter, has its own counsel prepare the case, and acts as an appellate review body. Under California law, the affected physician does not even have the right to representation by counsel. Small wonder few physicians survive such proceedings.

I can help even the playing field. Because I am a physician and not a member of the Bar, I can represent physicians at administrative hearings. I am able to effectively represent physicians because of experience, ability to integrate medical and legal issues, and close coordination with counsel.

Computer Graphics are prepared in-house and can be reproduced on a computer monitor or S-VHS TV, as well as on transparencies and hard copy. The two areas of greatest usefulness are summaries of economic damages or records, and still-frame sequences demonstrating mechanisms of injury, surgical procedures, or anatomic relationships. Summaries are generally pepared in the form of graphs. Usually simple clip-art is all that is necessary to demonstrate anatomy and surgery – see the sample anatomy graphics. (60 K, 11″ w x 7″ h) However, any graphic can be digitized and processed for the most effective exposure.

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