NBA implements concussion policies

Brain injuries (such as concussions) have become an increasingly major issue in many sports in recent years. Sports-related brain injuries can have significant impacts on an athlete’s life. Thus, one hopes that sports leagues are taking proper steps to protect their players from brain injuries from car accidents and accidents on the court. The Hollywood, fl accident lawyers at McCullough & Leboff, P.A. represent clients in all types of personal injury cases, including complex cases.

It has been reported that the National Basketball Association (NBA) has recently implemented a set of concussions policies. The NBA says that the policies have been put into effect out of a concern for player safety.

Under these policies, players and coaches will receive annual training regarding concussions. The policies also put in place annual baseline neurological testing for players. This testing will reportedly occur prior to the opening of preseason games. Such testing can provide information which can later be used to aid in the diagnosing of potential concussions.

According to the Washington Post article which reported this story, the recently implemented policies also include a set of procedures regarding when players can come back to play after having suffered a concussion. These procedures reportedly put forth certain testing and consultation requirements that will have to be met before a player will be allowed to return after having been diagnosed with a concussion.

The NBA’s recent actions underscore how head injuries have become an increasingly major issue in many sports, including basketball. It will be interesting to see how effective the NBA’s recently implemented policies prove to be at protecting its players from brain injuries and addressing the issue of head injuries in professional basketball.

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